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Digital Footprint

Digital Footprint

The Digital Footprint module is used to minimise administration and wasted hours on company compliance status. Put your mind at ease, as the system intelligence take care of all of your statutory company and financial detail.

  • Real time notifications prior to document expiration.
  • Instant access to contractor information.
  • Contractor on-boarding and vetting made easy.
  • Make use of our unique insurance solution to ensure you are covered for every situation.
  • Our bespoke insurance cover is underwritten by the best in the business. For more information see the Insuretech Module.
  • Hassle-free onboarding services available.
Human Resources

Human Resources

The Unisheq HR module is where your team comes together in real-time. Manage and connect your
team remotely and equip them with everything they need from their own employee portal.

  • Achieve full visibility of all your employees.
  • Notifications on expiry dates for competency certificates, training and more.
  • Communicate company documentation to your entire team.
  • Access to payslips, holidays, sick leave requests and schedules.
  • Manage legal and other appointments with notifications.
  • Employee portal to access and manage all company information and load necessary personal documentation.


The Unisheq Project module is a first of its kind. By registering a new project on your portal all of your company documentation is automatically transferred to this specific project and can be adapted to suit client’s specifications.

  • Remotely track and monitor project compliance in REAL-TIME.
  • Share compliance status with clients, owners and principles.
  • Allocate employees to specific projects.
  • Store all contract documents, agreements, client specifications in one place for each specific project.
  • Comprehensive compiled view.


Make use of the Unisheq Contractor module to effortlessly manage your contractors, sub-contractors and service providers throughout the entire organization. This module allows you to remotely review and access the various contractors linked to your specific profile.

  • Link any organization or company registered on the platform to your profile.
  • Reduce administration of contractor vetting and on-boarding with 95%.
  • Correspond to all or specific contractors via this module.
  • View company compliance status by means of desktop review.
  • View contractor compliance and safety culture at the click of a button.
  • As a contractor, allow clients access to your profile to view all specific requirements.


The Unisheq corporate module is unique, as it enables your organisation with multiple subsidiaries and branches to manage the occupational health and safety throughout the entire structure.

  • Enable corporates to view the entire company structure.
  • Link multiple companies and subsidiaries to your structure.
  • Most cost-effective solution on the market.


An essential part to any organization or project is the equipment being used to ensure that tasks are successfully executed. Both plant and equipment face a myriad of perils that risks its ongoing use.
The Unisheq Asset module can be used to eliminate these risks.

  • Develop and maintain a detailed plant and equipment list.
  • Keep operating, maintenance and service manuals securely available at the click of a button.
  • Safe keeping of records – Maintenance, Inspections, Certification, Operating Licenses, etc.
  • Link operators to tools and equipment and confirm competencies.
  • Get notified of expiry dates and service intervals.
DMS (Document Management System)

DMS (Document Management System)

The Unisheq Document Management module enables the user to create, receive, track, manage and maintain all company documentation. Share documentation throughout your organisation, effortlessly, without uncontrolled or outdated documentation floating around.

  • All company documentation stored securely in one central Cloud.
  • Keep track of document revisions effortlessly.
  • Communicate all documentation to all employees throughout the entire organisation.
  • Align project procedures with client or principle contractor effortlessly.
  • Allow global changes instantaneously.
  • Already have your own documentation? Allocate your internal number and upload documents for ease of use and distribution.


Use the Unisheq Safety module to view your organisation’s safety culture on-screen in real-time. Safety, risk and compliance data across your organisation can be viewed using the user’s Unisheq dashboard. Unisheq’s interactive dashboards and tools drive employee engagement and encourage collaboration in embedding safety, risk and compliance improvement practices into day-to-day activities.

  • Successfully engage with all employees.
  • Allow all employees to report incidents, accidents, and safety observations.
  • Infographic-style formatting of safety dashboards, providing a compelling view and driving employee engagement.
  • View KPIs, trends, geographic breakdown and comparisons for incidents, injury mechanisms and injury types.
  • Interactive human body visualisation, showing common areas of reported incidents.


Unisheq’s Insurance solution and its modules provide ongoing risk management information as well as risk control activities to remove asymmetrical information and allow underwriters or insurers transparency through the user’s risk profile. The Unisheq Insurance module is included to provide the user easy access to a specialist insurer for cover in respect of:

  • Competitive premiums.
  • Relatively short turn arounds between claim and pay out.
  • Uses underlying system information and workflow to eliminate disputes


The Unisheq Education module is one of the few solutions on the market which have edutech technology available for its user and students. This allows Unisheq to transform SHEQ education, with hands-on and technological based learning solutions and outcomes

  • Enable companies to upload all induction and skill training syllabus to the platform and offer to employees remotely.
  • Offer tertiary training through the portal.
  • Offer soft skill theoretical training, which is mandatory for some employees.

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