– About EdTech –

The UNISHEQ Education module (EdTech) is one of the few solutions on the market which have edutech technology available for its user and students. It is a Learning Management System (LMS) assisted by SmartVisibility to help companies facilitate continual professional development of their employees for as little as R50 per month.. All training takes place remotely, on-line and is logged and assessed digitally too.

Load your company inductions, NQF’s and more onto our platform or make use of our library of certified courses suited for your company and industry.

– Why Use Unisheq EdTech? –

Cost Savings

Cut down business costs by significantly reducing training programme expenditures, including travel, accommodation, and other offline event expenditures.

Ease of Accessibility

Employees can continue learning online at their own pace outside work or a traditional classroom, irrespective of the place or time at which they wish to access.

Training Remotely

Employees present at different locations can be trained virtually, with the instructor and the student not required to be present in the same room at the same time.

Reducing Workload

The onboarding process of the new employees can be completed with minimal intervention required from the senior employees, letting them focus on their daily tasks.

Tracking & Analytics

Our LMS platform helps track the progress and course completion of employees. This data not only helps in evaluating employee performance but also in improving the training program.

– EdTech Unisheq Features –

Vernacular Platform

Can be customized to support multiple languages, making it the right fit for companies with geographically dispersed employees.

Live Classes through Zoom

Integrated with Zoom Video Communications to support instructor-led courses that require live lectures and webinars.

SCORM and TINCAN Compliant

Supports modern, interactive eLearning course packages built by following technical specifications of SCORM & TINCAN.

Learning Recording System

Integrated with a state-of-the-art LRS system that keeps a log of all the learners’ activities and helps you generate reports to make informed decisions.

Fully Customisable

Fully flexible and scalable platform that lets you add new functionalities and easily integrate third-party applications to meet your unique needs.

Cloud and Hosted Solutions

With an internet connection employees can access the LMS from anywhere at any time ensuring that they can continue to learn on the go.

Student Management System

Add, organize, and manage employee profiles along with other data connected to them like courses, results, behavioural information, and more.

Course Management System

Manage every aspect of the course starting from creation to enrolling employees, assigning tutors, adding materials & assignments, and more.

Graphical Dashboard

Integrated with Zoom Video Communications to support instructor-led courses that require live lectures and webinars.

Modern and Smart Interface

User interface that conforms to the user’s design perspective and how they choose to interact with the platform ensuring user experience throughout.

Mobile Responsive Design

Responsive design that allows the content to seamlessly integrate across platforms and devices making ensuring a seamless learning experience.

Self-paced courses

Employees can learn at their own pace and can submit assignments or participate in quizzes anytime before the end date.

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